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AV Now Pro is the leader in providing sound, lighting, and video to the Commercial Fitness community. We offer a full line of fitness sound systems for every room, class size, and budget. Our customers range from large Franchise chains to Boutique Studios, Universities to Y’s, Parks and Recreation, and Military/Government fitness centers. Our fitness-specific knowledge of such things as ‘sweat, headsets, and number of classes per week’ – informs our recommendations. Our audio and video design and project management teams assist with new construction projects. We also can simply refresh a single group exercise, cycle, or yoga room. Our “Built-Tough” systems are virtually maintenance-free, technology-savvy, and we pride ourselves on our after-sale customer support. Our goal is to make your systems easy-to-use and integrate the most current technology into your fitness center.




AV Now Pro offers audio-visual system designs for modernizing spaces and providing the AV for construction projects across your campus. We can help standardize your classrooms, upgrade, or provide new equipment for your auditorium, lecture hall, theatre, sports field, gymnasium, quad areas, and outdoor open spaces. We have a national installation team that can assist with any project. If you have one classroom that needs upgrading or fifty classrooms, we have you covered.

House of Worship

House of Worship

Our team at AV Now Pro prides itself on working with you to evaluate and provide solutions for your future audio, video, and lighting needs. We design, install and support easy-to-use sanctuary systems. Our mission is to keep your congregation always engaged and inspired. We help you design a system that considers all these needs; voice intelligibility, open sightlines, microphones, acoustic treatment, speaker placement, screen placement, and the varied programming with high-energy musical performances combined with the spoken word. We also offer streaming services to other rooms on campus or lobbies. Our goal is to ensure that the worship experience for every member of the congregation is a memorable experience.

Convention Centers

Convention Centers

Announcements are essential when you have a busy Convention Center with numerous meeting spaces. Our design team helps you strategize when planning for AV Integration into Exhibit Halls, Meeting Rooms, Ballrooms, Outdoor Spaces, Foyer, and Lobby areas. Our sales team can also provide equipment to your AV rental department. We offer sound limiting pieces to keep amplified noise down, multi-screen projection, LED walls, stage lighting, trussing, and more. Keep your AV department stocked up for the next large event. We keep it stress-free for you to focus on your business.

Convention Centers
Breweries, Taprooms, and Wineries

Breweries & Taprooms

Make your Brewery and Taproom stand out from all the rest. Take our unique sound system designed specifically for your space, add our upscale pro lighting to create an instant feel of a party, and grab some eye-popping visual stimulus by adding an LED Video Wall. The manager or staff can easily control all this technology. If you have live music, we can help design the sound and lighting system to offer a concert-type feel and still leave you with complete control over the PA system. To top it off, we offer ‘silent’ sound systems that can quietly transmit DJ music to your customers or an app to send TV audio over Wi-Fi to personal devices. We have thought it all out to help your business get to the next level.

Performing Arts Theater

Performing Arts Theaters

The AV Now Pro creative team can help you make sure all your sound, lighting, and video are thoughtfully designed. We will do it in such a way to make it easy to use and integrate the most current technology into your project. Our design and creative teams collaborate with you to create a state-of-the-art theatre with the idea to showcase music, opera, dance, drama, and spoken word performances. The designer considers many options, including acoustic treatment, speaker placement, microphones, lighting, systems, and digital signal programming to enhance the theater experience. Take the next step in AV technology and let the AV Now Pro team help you with your Theater.

Performing Arts Theater
Sports Complexes

Stadia (Stadium) Design and Sports Complexes

Let the AV Now Pro design team help you with your sound, lighting, and video needs at your Stadium or Sports Complex. Our designers and creative team constantly strive to bring the most current technologies to the forefront and create easy-to-use integrated systems that allow the users to operate simple control interfaces. We work with your architects, contractors, and other trades to ensure the AV/IT Integration is seamless. We understand there can be track and field stadiums, football stadiums, baseball stadiums, swimming pools, and Indoor arenas all under one project. We help create the upscale Audio-Visual sound, lighting, and video to your master plan.



Your Winery is a special place for you and your customers. Light background music will seem to emanate from everywhere and generate a special feeling while experiencing your unique property. Our design team can create special colorized up-lighting in certain areas that can produce calm visual stimulus, indoors and outdoors. If Live music and special events occur at your venue, you can count on us to provide a sound system that can easily be controlled to your specifications. Take the next step in AV technology and let the AV Now Pro team produce a lasting impression for your visitors.


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Schedule a 30-min consulting call.

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During the 30-min consulting call we will go over needs-wants.

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We design the system and we enter into a working relationship.

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Product gets delivered to site.

Step 5STEP 5
We install and commission the system, and train staff.

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We support you and the system to achieve your dreams.

“They are the experts. Enough Said.”

—Kate D

I know I can always trust AV Now and their representatives to give me great recommendations and help me navigate through audio technology in a way I can understand. I appreciate that!

—Raeanne N.

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